Accessibility Tools & Wizards

Accessibility Tools

  • Updated Accessible Table Builder - Create an accessible table using scope, header and id attributes using a wizard to guide you through the process.
  • Updated Quick Form Builder. A complete re-write/re-think of the old Accessible Form Builder tool. Give it a try!
  • Easy YouTube caption creator. Takes the pain out of creating closed caption files for YouTube videos.
  • Quick Page Accessibility Test. Here's a handly little tool that uses a bookmarklet/favelet to give a quick analysis of any web page, highlighting definite issues, warning about possible issues and also highlighting areas that could benefit from some ARIA enhancements.
  • ARIA Slider Generator - Need a slider control? Use this tool to create a fully accessible, ARIA-compliant slider with your own settings,
  • Skip Navigation Builder - Create skip navigation links that appear only when tabbed to but are hidden for mouse users; creates all the HTML, CSS and JavaScript required with customisation options.
  • Pop-up Window Generator - Create pop-up windows that are accessible and search engine-friendly.
  • Favelets - Little pieces of JavaScript that can be saved as favourites in Internet Explorer, Mozilla and Opera. You may find these useful for checking features of a page (for example, what links are present, images missing alt attributes etc.
  • Accessible Form Builder - Quickly create a form with CSS or table layout, including all label elements simply by typing a list of fields that you need.
  • Form Element Generator - Lets you easily build individual form elements that are accessible (requires JavaScript to work).
  • Dreamweaver 4 Modifications - A selection of modified DreamWeaver 4 objects that offer better accessibility options, including <abbr>, <acronym> tags and additions of title, class, and id attributes on other tags. The <table> dialogue has also had a make-over, accepting a summary and caption attribute.

General Developer Tools

  • Markup Maker - Takes a simple list of page ids that you enter and converts it to a valid XHTML document. Now includes HTML5 support
  • jQuery Function Builder - Quickly build scaffolding for numerous jQuery syntax functions (which will run on page load/ready)
  • List-o-matic - Create CSS-styled navigation blocks based on unordered list <li> items. Get your semantics on!
  • Checkbox Maker - Converts a block of text into a series of checkboxes, with labels and all that jazz.
  • Yes/No list creator - It's a tool for quickly generating accessible, XHTML-compliant yes/no radio button choices from a list.
  • Insta-Select (Select List Generator) - An easy-to-use tool to quickly generate <select> lists.
  • HTML to JavaScript Convertor - takes your markup and converts it to a series of document.write() statements that you can use in a block of JavaScript.
  • XFN (XHTML Friends Network) Link Creator - Build up XFN-friendly links for copying/pasting into a blog-roll or navigation menu.
  • Acrobot - converts all your acronyms/abbreviations using the <acronym> and <abbr> tag.
  • Response.Right - Save time converting large blocks of text/HTML to server-side write statements (such as PHP echo or ASP response.write) with this handy convertor.
  • Quick Escape - Converts HTML to escaped characters suitable for pasting into form textarea inputs.